BATCH NO: 24-081605-PBL

We are delighted to inform you that your phone number has been randomly selected as a Winner in the ongoing Powerball Lotto Bonanza that’s in conjunction with AT&T, Verizon, T mobile, sprint, Bell, Rogers, Telus and others

On behalf of the board members and staff of Powerball Games and Lotto, we sincerely congratulate you on the grand prize winnings of $150,000.00. We have many post-winning services such as financial and legal advisor that can assist you manage your winnings.

Due to mix up of numbers and names, we’d advise that you keep this award winning away from the public eye until your claim has been successfully processed and your funds has been securely remitted to you, as this is part of our security protocols in order to avoid double claimants or unwarranted advantage taking of this program by its participants.

Count yourself lucky to be selected out of millions of people with cell phone numbers involved in the whole process through the telecommunications service database. It remains in your best interest to keep your claim’s update to yourself and avoid a second party’s involvement in order to avoid losing your claim to another personality. You will be contacted through one of our online agents to proceed in activating your winnings and start the claiming process in batches for the delivery/remittance of your Grand Prize as soon as possible. If you would like our Prize Patrol Van to present your winnings with the press crew to interview you on TV and for Local Newspapers, kindly liaise with your claim agent for a specified timeframe for media round promotion.

Note: One of our designated agents that will be in charge of helping you to claim your winnings will contact you on your cellphone or email within the week and your winning funds will be processed and delivered to you by our delivery officers within 72hrs. Powerball will take full responsibility of all expenses incurred until you’ve received your winnings. A check payment of $10,000 will be issued in your name and mailed to your address to enable you to pay for the (Insurance & Shipping fees) of your winning funds package to the courier agency affiliated to us.

Remember that all prizes must be claimed within the period of 5 days, failure to comply will have you terminated from the lotto bonanza and the funds will be refunded to the Powerball Commission.

Please fill the form below to claim your prize.

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